Storyboarding Time

Storyboarding Time

What’s it all About?

Once your video production company has learned everything they can about you, your business, and your customers, it’s time for the creative process to really begin. During concept development your production company will come up with the basic ideas and structure that will make up your finished video. A good video production company will present you with a range of options and let you choose the concept that best matches your brand, and your strategic goals. That could take the form of visualizations like concept art, or even rough animation samples, or it could be as simple as a written treatment.

Whatever your video production company presents you with, make sure you’re 100% comfortable before moving forward. Realistically, you shouldn’t move forward with a concept unless you’re excited about its potential. Every decision that goes into producing your finished video will be based off of the concept you choose during this phase of the video production process. Once you’ve pulled the trigger on a concept, it’s much harder to change the trajectory of the project.

What to Expect from your Video Production Company

It’s ideation time! A lot of the work during this phase goes on behind the scenes, but here’s what you should expect to see from your video production company:

  • A variety of different ideas, approaches, and visual styles for your project.
  • Ideas that excite and surprise you.
  • Visual presentations of the concepts for your video.
  • Treatments describing each approach, along with an explanation, and details on execution.
  • An idea of what each concept will actually take to produce, both in terms of budget, and in terms of logistics.

What Your Video Production Company Will Need from You

Here are some things you can contribute in order to help make your video production better:

  • Be available to answer follow up questions your video production partner may have.
  • Keep an open mind, and a discerning eye when evaluating concepts. We know creative development.  You know your customers.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the concept before moving on. This concept will be the bedrock of your entire project.