Post Production Process

What’s it all About?

You’ve got beautiful footage. Now what? It’s time to put it together of course! Of course, editing is only a small part of a great video production company will be able to offer you during post-production. This is when graphics are added, music is chosen, and any visual effects are built. Beyond that is a whole scope of more technical post-production operations like color correction, audio adjustments, sound design that aren’t flashy, but make a huge difference in terms of how your final video looks and feels.

When you choose between video production companies, choose the team that will unlock the full potential of your footage. You’ll want to make sure that they have full post production capabilities in house, and ask them what they’ll be doing to finish your project. Some studios offer full post-production capabilities, but most don’t go further than basic editing. Working with a video production partner who handles their own post production won’t just ensure you’re working with experts, it can also help you get more value out of creative development. After all, a studio that isn’t equipped for post production won’t be very likely to pitch concepts that involve animation or visual effects.

What to Expect from Your Video Production Company

  • A group of full time artists dedicated to post production. Don’t settle for half measures, and don’t allow your partner to inflate your costs by farming your post production out.
  • A superb technical understanding of post-production and an attention to detail bordering on the obsessive. Every pixel should matter to a dedicated post artist.
  • An understanding of visual storytelling, and a willingness to guide you through the particulars of your project.
  • The flexibility and willingness to solve problems and make changes on the fly.

What Your Video Production Company Will Need from You

  •  It’s normal to want to see your video as soon as possible, but doing things the right way takes time.  Don’t be afraid to ask for updates, but expect your video production company to spend some time in post production.

Your production partner may ask you to set aside some time for a dedicated edit session. You know your company, so getting direct feedback early in the editing process can save a lot of back and forth later.