What’s it all About?

Congratulations! You’ve talked to your video production company, and strategized, planned, shot, and finished your video! You’re almost across the finish line. So, why is there a 6th step? What’s left to do? Well, for one thing, the delivery phase offers you a chance to provide feedback or request changes to your video. Even the best video production company isn’t always going to hit the mark on the first try, so it’s common practice to include a couple of opportunities for revisions along the way. As a matter of fact, the best production companies offer checkpoints, milestones, and approvals throughout the video production process (storyboards, scripts etc.). No matter what, you’ll want to make sure you have a contracted approval system in place before final delivery.

Delivery is also the part of the process where we, well, deliver! You need to show your video off somehow, right? You might need files in a specific format for your website, specialized hosting for your secure intranet, or help with an ad buy for television.  Whatever format you need, look to your video production company to offer guidance, explain best practices and deliver to your specifications.

What to Expect from Your Video Production Company

  • Several chances to make changes to your video. Three rounds of revisions is usually more than enough.
  • Advice on delivery channels, best practices for video hosting and appropriate file types.
  • Suggestions for future projects. At this point, you probably have footage that didn’t make the final video, or a concept or visual style that could extend into future videos. Your video production company should have ideas on how to save you money by repurposing this content for future videos.

What Your Video Production Company Will Need from You

  • Clear, actionable feedback. The discovery process will be much simpler and faster for you if you make sure your feedback is decisive. For example: “make this text blue” is much better than “I don’t like the text color.”
  • A proactive approach to revisions. It’s a good idea loop in everyone who needs to approve the video right away. That way your video production company has plenty of time to make changes before your deadline.

A single point of contact. This should carry over from pre-production, but it’s very important during revisions. It’s not uncommon for people to have different, or even conflicting opinions about what changes are needed. Your project lead give you a filter for feedback, and can streamline the project.